Amaya and Uma confess love for Mantu in Tere Sheher Mein

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Rudra spoils the food made by Sneha and adds plenty of chilli powder in it. He wants to make Mantu and Rama run away and never look back at Mathur family. Rudra understands Mathurs are getting support from Mantu and Rama. He serves them the palak paneer dish which turns out to be very spicy. Mantu and Rama take the first bite and understand someone has done mischief. Mantu ruins Rudra’s plan and forces him to have the same dish. He acts sweet and makes Rudra have dinner along them, feeding him the palak paneer wittily. Rudra’s face turns red. Mantu and Rama have a laugh by teaching Rudra a lesson.

Uma gets frustrated by Amaya’s increasing control on Mantu. She goes to meet Amaya at the office. She creates a big scene there and argues with Amaya. Uma asks Amaya for her dress. Amaya makes excuse to keep the dress with her forever. She tells Uma that the dress got torn when she gave it for dry cleaning. Uma fumes on her as it was Mantu’s gift for her. Uma and Amaya express their love for Mantu, which they kept under wraps till now. Uma gets angry knowing Amaya loves Mantu, and Amaya feels guilty to love Mantu, knowing Uma is big support for Mantu since childhood. Mantu comes to them and does not know why they both are fighting for him. How will this truth affect their lives? Keep reading.


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