Badtameez Dil: Abeer & Meher’s Past reflects on their Present, and bring testing times and new challenges…

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Meher and Abeer in Badtameez Dil...

Meher and Abeer are unable to let go of their past, when they divorced and since then 8 years have passed. Abeer makes taunts and even put efforts to trouble her but also shows his concern when needed. Also, Abeer is not interested to fall in love again and the past reminds him of uneventful memories. Meher on the other hand also feels the past eight years have taught her many things and it wasn’t easy for her to cope during that time. Meher gets worried with Abeer’s actions towards her and tries to focus on her work at Groove music channel. She comes up with her new ideas to strengthen the channel, which inadverently hurts Abeer. The latest one being Nisaar getting the Abeer’s time slot for his performance. Nisaar is Abeer’s best friend since 15 years and downplays Meher’s plan.

Meher’s offer to Nisaar doesn’t go well with Abeer as he suspects that she wants to create a rift between best friends. Abeer has always ridiculed Meher’s plans because of his ego and hatred for her. Nisaar himself is not much worried as Abeer but Meher’s decision when it plays out will test the best of friends since Abeer’s over consciousness and current state of mind indicate that it will not be easy. So, the fight between Abeer and Nisaar would happen, and its implications can weave a new chapter in Meher & Abeer’s turbulent life. On another front, while Abeer and Meher are in no mood to reconcile on their love and relationship, but their mothers still keep hope for their children’s reunion again. This leads to the question, Will Abeer get to know the actual reasons behind his divorce with Meher ?

Badtameez Dil… presents how love and relationships go through at different instants of time, and many times circumstances driving them and even can go to the extent of changing one’s attitude and behavior towards life and other people. The role of music by passionate songs are a means of expression to bring out one’s innermost feelings to forefront, and is visible with Abeer reaching for them to make a point and to be assertive.

Abeer’s performance on Awaragi, from his college days
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4 responses to “Badtameez Dil: Abeer & Meher’s Past reflects on their Present, and bring testing times and new challenges…”

  1. naira chowdhury Avatar
    naira chowdhury

    I really luv the show…..

  2. isha Avatar

    i still dont know why they broke up .. why their marriage fell aprt .. i dont understd anything at all … but i really really like this shw … its one of my fav shw … 🙂

  3. Santosh sahw Avatar
    Santosh sahw

    I lv this cerial so much

  4. K Avatar

    Love show I think abeer and mehek should get married couple are the best

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