Bhanvari Devi prepares to regain Sher’s trust; Sher reinitiates to value Shraddha because of Love

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Sher punishes himself with the thought on cheating Shraddha after spending the night with Rani. He is mistaken since Rani has trapped him in feeling that guilt, and was working for Bhanvari Devi. Bhanvari Devi couldn’t see her son punishing himself badly and confesses to him on her crimes and past mistakes. He gets disheartened with her mom’s truth and how she has controlled him by highlighting love. He speaks of having confidence that she wanted to separate him with his wife Shraddha and begins to hate her. He doesn’t stop there and forces his mum Bhanvari Devi’s arrest. His anger reaches high level and doesn’t wish to be called as her son. He knows his mom to be the mastermind since he gets the video where Rani is seen in conversation with Bhanvari and their plan to trap Sher for separating him with his wife. The power equations has change with Bhanvari Devi at all-time low and Sher feels to not trust on any close relationship as he is emotionally hurt.

Later, Bhanvari Devi tries to trap Sher in her words and suggesting she actually tried to save him from lurking dangers. She talks about Rani working for her only in recent past and lies on having no role in killing of Prabal Pandey. Bhanvari tries to play the emotional mother-son angle by bringing out his upbringing from very early age since he lost his dad very early. Sher rejects whatever she is saying since he is very much hurt and hates her. He hits back at her by putting forward his believe that whatever she did has to do with her intention and wish to separate him with Shraddha. Bhanvari earlier was worried on the split of love with Shraddha’s entry and therefore her efforts were directed to separate the couple.

On other front, Shraddha carries on with her good hearted nature and haven’t revealed to Sher on Bhanvari Devi’s truth and reality. Bhanvari Devi herself spoke the truth. Shraddha decides to provide emotional support and strength to Sher after listening to Sunehri and Gajra’s suggestions and they aptly suggested Sher did the right thing with Bhanvari’s arrest. Shraddha wants her love for Sher should be strong so that Bhanvari Devi’s renewed attempts to create troubles and misunderstanding couldn’t succeed. However, Sher wants to take forward his relationship with Shraddha slowly and to develop a setting of mutual trust and love. Will Sher be able to find strength in carrying out his responsibilities towards Shraddha, and shower her love ?  Will Bhanvari Devi succeed to win Sher’s trust again in her ongoing power tussle alongwith love ?



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