One year leap to bring new shocking twists in Shastri Sisters

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Anu is attacked by Kajal when she is on the way to the farmhouse. Anu manages to escape from the car and leaves her dupatta as a clue for her family to reach here. She runs away from Kajal and reaches the end of the cliff. Kajal aims gun at her and Anu tries to save herself. She pushes Kajal and tries to run. Kajal fights with Anu and pushes her off the cliff. Rajat comes there on nick of the time to save Anu. Rajat holds Anu’s hand to pull her up, and yet her hand slips off. Kajal gets arrested by Guggal for her murder attempt on Anu and Sareens expose all Kajal’s plans in Guggal’s eyes. The possible new twist will be Anu’s memory loss and one year leap in the show. Anu will be shown hurt and missing for a while. Anu does not recognize Rajat as her husband. Minty will be showering motherly love on Anu, having accepted her by heart on her return to home.

Rohan is serving one year jail sentence and will be shown out of the jail after the leap. Rohan and Alka’s term won’t be like before after he ended ties with her for her wrong statement in the court. Alka has been staying at Shastri home for a year and is bearing Rohan’s annoyance. Rajat and Anu will be shown together post leap, with love blossoming between them again, after he gets engaged to Devyaani. Rajat will try hard to revive his love in Anu’s heart, and the couple will be shown starting the relationship from initial point. Sareens prepare for a grand function at their home post leap. Neil and Devyaani will be shown in a friendly relationship like before, post Kajal’s departure from their lives. Keep reading.



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