SanDhir to reinforce Love amid testing times in Sadda Haq…

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Randhir and Sanyukta in Sadda Haq

Randhir flipflops from showering support to Sanyukta and realizing her situation to getting upset after she didn’t give him preference and value in-front of a reporter during an interview. Sanyukta has proven to her dream team on capabilities of a deserving captain and therefore continues to anchor the team with ASR backing her fully. Sanyukta’s fight for equality continues to go on with her dad and brother still keeping plans to take over her business stakes.

Randhir had earlier shown the door to Ankit and even hit him after he finds him troubling Sanyukta so as to compel her in signing the business papers. He now develop thoughts on Sanyukta only putting focus on her career and couldn’t see where does he fit in her scheme of things about life. To add more insult to the injury, the perception about Sanyukta’s career-driven mode, all girls are same, and the notion the girls ruins one’s life affects him. Sanyukta shows courage in her fight and to break stereotypes and chauvinistic thinking is her goal alongwith getting sponsor for the dream team. She wants Randhir to understand what she stands for since she needs his endearing support.

Randhir will be going to realize Sanyukta’s affection for him, which will be improving their love and comfort quotient once again. Sanyukta and Randhir come face-to-face and share an intimate romantic moment with both getting drenched in water. While Randhir showers her love with earnest feelings, and on the other hand Sanyukta feels relieved and relaxed in his company. Will Sanyukta and Randhir continue to steer ahead in their love amid the testing times ahead ?

On another front, Randhir works diligently to make a mark and find acceptance and sponsorship for his designs and also to mark his re-entry in the dream team. He puts extra efforts so as to accomplish his goal. Will Randhir succeed in re-joining the dream team under ASR’s supervision ?

* SanDhir’s romantic water scene going to telecast this Friday (10th July) on Channel V India.


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