Panchi regrets to bring a change in Titu in Tu Mera Hero

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Titu and Panchi

Panchi makes everyone laugh by using the laughing gas in Cheeni and Golu’s engagement. She did not know about Titu’s important client Goyal. Goyal finds the family enjoying and leaves from Titu’s home without making the deal. Titu gets to know by Panchi that she has made everyone laugh and changed the atmosphere, just to make him laugh. Titu gets angry and asks her the reason of doing so. She tells him how he has put himself is work a lot and not enjoying life and bits of happiness that each day brings. Titu asks her what she wants ultimately. He used to be fun loving and happy before and she has made him work, and when he wants to work to keep her trust, she wants him to become like before.

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Panchi gets regretful to change Titu’s personality as she did not know Titu won’t be able to balance between work and life. She asks him to keep happiness while doing the work. Cheeni and Golu’s wedding day comes and some guest comes to halt the wedding, which brings a big twist in the show. Vaishaili tries to get the stick from Panchi and does not want Titu’s talent to come in everyone’s eyes. She fails to do so, as everyone get to know Titu’s innocence and real poetic talent. What will Panchi do after knowing her mistake of disbelieving Titu ? Keep reading.

Titu Says: Talking on who is real policemen ?
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