Dhruv to confess love and propose Thapki; Bihaan to influence her decision in Thapki Pyaar Ki…



Diwakar is taking revenge from Thapki, and lands up in the channel party of five years successful run. Dhruv sends Thapki to his cabin, where she meets Bihaan. Bihaan laughs on her stammering. Thapki does not care as Dhruv has boosted her confidence. She values herself that she is much more over her stammering weakness. Diwakar spots her and tries to molest her, asking her to have an affair with him and he will not let anyone know. He tells her that he will marry Nimmi’s daughter, but she is not beautiful like Thapki. He gets mad over her and misbehaves asking her to accept that she still loves him.

Thapki slaps him hard and tries to run away. Dhruv tries reaching Thapki and calls her again and again. Thapki shouts for help, and runs from the office. Dhruv gets to know about her and rushes to her. Thapki runs from there and Dhruv spots her. He asks her to stop and gets worried assuming she met with an accident. Bihaan meets Thapki and tells her that if she wants to take revenge from someone, then she should marry that man and laughs on her. Thapki loses her confidence after Diwakar’s misbehavior and Bihaan’s taunts. Later, Dhruv shares his feelings with Thapki and proposes her. He confesses her love to her and wants for her answer. Thapki recalls her stammering problem which can become a humiliation for Dhruv. She thinks to refuse him for marriage. What will be Thapki’s reply? Keep reading.


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