Sarla’s drama to buildup more confusion in Mere Angne Mein


mere angne mein

Sarla swears to get Amit married to Riya. She does not want this news to reach Shivam. She worries as Riya and Anupam both feel Shivam is her son. She calls Anupam and asks him to keep the marriage in next four days, on pretext of some superstitions regarding Shanti’s life risk. She indirectly asks Anupam for dowry, by saying she needs some help to hurry up the marriage arrangements, and she will return money soon. Anupam falls in her words and she obtains sufficient money from him, thinking it won’t be loss even if marriage breaks. Sarla and Shanti make a long list of gold items and money, to take as indirect dowry. Riya asks Anupam not to give anything to her, and thinks Sarla has self respect and she won’t accept anything. Shanti asks Sarla to put all the expenses on girl’s family.

Later, Shanti makes a big scene infront of Raghav by telling how Kaushalya has kept Shivam’s commission. She gets to know about Shivam buying clothes for Kaushalya and takes it for Sarla. She snatches the money by her drama, leaving Kaushalya upset again. Shanti does not know Sarla’s plans about hiding Amit. Riya meets Shivam again and tries making him jealous by her jokes. Shivam does not get affected as he does not want to make her adjust in his home. Shivam and Riya work together in the office and Riya waits for him to say about their marriage. Shivam goes to meet her at her home. Rani wants to stop Amit’s marriage with Riya, as she loves him since childhood. She tells Amit that she can give him money and asks him to marry her. Amit asks her to forget him. Rani gets to know Pari’s affair and thinks to use it, to keep Sarla in control and marry Amit. What will happen next? Keep reading.



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