Revengeful Rashi tries to kill Gopi; Modi family to get troubled in Saathiya…

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Paridhi and Gopi get into a major argument because of Meera. Kokila gets unwell by seeing them fight so much. She has sworn that she will change Meera and also make Paridhi and Rashi’s relation. She will make Paridhi realize that its not Rashi’s mistake in parents’ fight, and Paridhi has to accept Rashi atleast for humanity. Meera plans to hurt Kokoila by using Paridhi’s annoyance with family. Kokila falls down by the rope fixed in the store room, and gets hurt by the metal stacks. Gopi rushes to help her. Kokila’s leg gets much hurt and she tells Gopi that she will not leave the culprit who did this. There will be many twists in the show as Modi family will be getting attacked by their beloved Rashi.

Kokila’s home is undergoing many problems. Everyone is troubled by Rashi, and they doubt on Paridhi and Meera. Rashi has done conspiracy yet again, leaving everyone shocked. She closes the bathroom door from inside and everyone ask her to open the door. Rashi conspires to kill Gopi and tried to burst the geyser. She comes out on time and Gopi is about to go inside, but she was saved in the nick of time. Kokila notices Paridhi and Meera were not present at that time and gets doubtful about then person doing this. Rashi tries many things to kill Gopi, as she wants to take revenge from Gopi from killing her mother Radha. Gopi will be revealing the big twist to Kokila by bringing Rashi’s hatred for her out in everyone’s eyes. Will Gopi explain Rashi about her step to kill Radha to save Rashi’s life? Keep reading.






9 responses to “Revengeful Rashi tries to kill Gopi; Modi family to get troubled in Saathiya…”

  1. Priya Avatar

    Seriously they have used kids to make twist and turns. kuch toh sharam karo. Unbelievable acts to give messages to society 🙁

    1. Tia Avatar

      Well rashi has went on her mother radha. I hate radha and rashi. Meera is abit b*tchy but man ki saaf hai. Same for paridhi

  2. Anita Avatar

    I think topi will stay quite

    1. Tia Avatar

      Haha unki bolti band ho jayegi

  3. riya Avatar

    uhh , Seriously . rashi .. but how can she do that .. she is a little kid .. this shw is getting boring day by day … they are making rashi as the villain..

    1. Tia Avatar

      To be honest i never really liked rashi

    2. Tia Avatar

      Rashi mujko villian hamesha hi lagti thi. Aur ise bhana se beti unke ma par gay hai . Yane ji uke radha mummy. Rashi ko anart ashram mein rakne chahiya. Voh bohat buri hai or dangerous bhi.

  4. archal Avatar

    Seriously….This is too much.How can the producers use little children to twist stories?Shame

    1. Tia Avatar

      Rashi pehle se mujko evil lagti thi.. Meine kabhi nahi rashi ko pasand kiya aur radha bhi. Donuh maa beti giri hue harkate karte hai. Meer tori se badtameez hai lekin yeh uski galti nahi hai aur ek aur baat, mujhe lagta hai, meri opinion mein, meera dil ki saaf hai. Unke galti nahi thi jo unke mummy papa alak ho gaye the. Halate kuch aise hi thi.

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