Titu to elope to pursue his dreams in Tu Mera Hero

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tu mera hero titu

Panchi has finally for Titu’s talent truth out infront of everyone. She exposes Vaishaili to be hiding this truth from them, and was also separating Titu and Panchi. The family seeks an answer from Vaishaili. Vaishaili says she has done this for the rights of Keshav and Mukund on Govind’s business and property, as they both are the one to work round the clock for Govind since years. She asks Govind to give their due and not do injustice with them. The family forgives Vaishaili. Panchi says they should support Titu and send him to Mumbai to make his comedy king career. Govind gets against it as he is well known businessman and he will not let Titu become a comedian.

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Panchi and Surekha try to convince him, and even Titu wants to achieve fame and name by his easy job of entertaining everyone. Govind stays adamant and does not permit Titu to take part in laughter challenge. Panchi finds Titu’s happiness in pursuing this work of entertainment, name and fame. She asks Titu not to worry and thinks of some plan to make Titu elope. She takes Surekha’s support to send away Titu from Mathura to Mumbai. What will be Govind’s reaction on this? Keep reading.






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