Nandini’s evil plot to backfire and bring Arjun and Radhika together in Manmarzian

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While Samaira and Arjun are all set to marry each other, Radhika is going to marry Saral. Radhika has no feelings for Saral and is hopeful that they will find love post marriage. She regards him a good friend and is sure that Saral’s anger is just because of her stay in Mumbai. She resigns from Birdsong and this shocks Arjun. Arjun and Radhika’s heart are beating for each other and they are oblivious to each other’s feelings. Radhika decides to leave the city and go back to her home city. Arjun gets sad that Radhika is going back to Rishikesh. He understands that Saral is pressurizing her and regrets that even Radhika’s mum Mala is unable to support her. Arjun is restless and wants to help out Radhika from a wrong relation. He finds Saral unsuitable for Radhika.

Nandini plans to spread news of Radhika in Rishikesh and defame her family so that Radhika rushes back to Rishikesh. Nandini wants to be sure of Radhika’s exit from Arjun’s life and sends goons to create a big scene in Rishikesh, by which Radhika will have no option than to marry Saral soon. Nandini failed to realize Radhika’s tears will make Arjun more close to Radhika. Her evil is bringing Arjun and Radhika more closer. Sam and Neil practice dance and prepare for her sangeet function. Manya is obsessed with Neil and looks like turning into a obssession-driven lover for him.



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One response to “Nandini’s evil plot to backfire and bring Arjun and Radhika together in Manmarzian”

  1. Hannah Avatar

    Nandhini’s plans to harm radhika’s family is making the show go in the way any other show goes. Till now I believed that manmarziyan is something different..
    Anyways twists and turns can’t be ignored. Interesting.

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