Badtameez Dil – Abeer & Meher compel to face the reality: Being able to ‘move on’ post their seperation or not…

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Meher and Abeer in Badtameez Dil

Abeer comes to face the reality with the key question hitting him – whether he has moved on from Meher. He is informed by his friend Sasha that he hasn’t moved on from Meher. She argues on how Abeer is putting his past moments with Meher and love story in-front of his show audience with much fine granularity. This indicates he hasn’t moved on. However, Abeer refuses to accept Sasha’s arguments and gets upset. He believes he has moved on from Meher, and also doesn’t love her anymore. He gets drunk and goes to confront Meher so as to make her heard that he has moved on from her.

There is another angle that comes to forefront at the Groove music channel’s competition night. Abeer dances with Meher in his usual aggressive style while she takes a more subdued approach. Just after finishing the dance move, he finds a tattoo mark on her upper back below her neck with his name – Abeer inscribed. He asks her upfront on why she haven’t removed it as she has removed all their past remnants. Meher couldn’t give a direct reply to him. This leads to suggest that both Abeer and Meher face similar situation on the critical question on their status on moving on. Whether Meher didn’t stop thinking about Abeer post their separation ?

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    Thank you sp much for the
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    Really superb nd awesome spoiler…
    Badtameez dil rocksss…

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    Lovd the Promo f badtameez dil..

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