Samar & Laxmi’s Love to face troubles again in Dream Girl




Laxmi has confessed her love to Samar, and after she got fine. Both of them are being in love and got over all the misunderstandings. Ayesha plans to create a big scene and spoil Laxmi’s image. She thinks Samar has forgiven Laxmi for all her small mistakes, but this time she will create such issue that Samar will never be able to get over her biggest mistake. Ayesha hires some men and ask them to enact a fake scene very well to bring Karan and Laxmi close, and also shoot the scene as if its real. Ayesha plans to ruin Laxmi’s efforts to win Samar’s love and this her master plan will just make Samar kick out Laxmi from his life forever.

Samar plans to propose Laxmi in the movie’s first look launch. Laxmi gets beautifully dressed for the press conference. Manav asks them to get ready for the first look of Raj Samosewala.The video of Karan and Laxmi in awkward situation airs, which makes the media point out Laxmi and Karan’s affair. Samar gets speechless seeing the video, and Manav quickly gets it off. He says his rivals are trying to sabotage Nanvrang’s new movie launch and answers the media. Ayesha is on a high, celebrating Laxmi’s downfall.

The media talks about Laxmi’s character and Karan gets angered, clearing the matter. Samar gets doubtful about Laxmi, as Ayesha planned it well and made the scene look taken place before Dream Girl contest ended. Ayesha thinks Samar will break up from Laxmi. What will Samar do now? Will he go ahead to propose Laxmi or end their relation? Keep reading.



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