Sandhya’s Mission Mahabali continues; Bhabho angers seeing Sooraj’s hope on Sandhya’s return


Sandhya in dual role of Sagarika in DABH

Bharat sends Zakir to inform Sooraj and his family about Sandhya’s death. Zakir also believes that Sandhya is dead by seeing a burnt body in the train accident. Sandhya’s police department informs Rathi family that Sandhya is dead. Bhabho and Sooraj get shattered. Everyone do Sandhya’s last rites and pay tribute in front of her photo. Sandhya is seen in the captivity of the goons while the goon target the pistol on her. She looks on helplessly. Bhabho throws Sandhya’s pic frame and breaks it, unable to accept that Sandhya can die. Sooraj loves Sandhya a lot and is in shock. Bhabho asks Sooraj to keep away Sandhya’s memories from the house, as her trust on Sandhya has broken now. She says Sandhya has left them and broke her promise, and she is shattered. Bhabho prays for Sandhya’s soul peace and holds anger. Bhabho’s love for Sandhya takes a turn and it turns into deep annoyance, as Sandhya did not keep her promise to fulfill her duties at home, and also made Sooraj depressed. Sooraj and Ved don’t accept that Sandhya is dead.

Sandhya is caught by the goons of Garajna Sanghatan. The naxalites are dangerous and have kidnapped Sandhya. They try to know from Sandhya the whole plan of Mission Mahabali. Sandhya is in bad wounded state and naxalites torture her. Sooraj recalls Sandhya’s words that they are inseparable and she will be always with him. Sooraj believes that Sandhya will return to him soon. It is yet to been seen how Sandhya succeeds in her mission. The twist comes as Sandhya’s disappearance is also part of the mission. Bharat and Sandhya are the only two people who know the “phase two” of the plan, after kidnapping Himanshu in phase one. Sandhya has got abducted by goons, and soon she will be tackling all of them. The show will be heading for a short leap, to show Sandhya’s struggles and Sooraj’s suffering. Sooraj says Sandhya and Sandhya’s relation is of seven births and Bhabho frees Sandhya from her duties in all her births. Will Sandhya come back to her family? Keep reading.

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