Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Siyappa Ishq Ka Episode 4: Best Friends Forever, starring Srishti Rindhani, Ayush Mehra, and Mahi Sharma, 11th July 2015 on Bindass TV – Written Update

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Season 2

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks of confusion in love and people takes time to realize they are actually in love. Today’s story is of Panku and Adi. The story starts with Panku, Adi are seen at a bowling alley with friends and playing nicely which makes their friends bit jealous. They even win the bet and their friend Tabby refuses initially to comply with the bet but she finally gives in. Pankhu informs him of going to US on a scholarship and Adi gets quite to hear that news. She speaks of going there for art and career so it is important. She reminds him that he will be going for merchant navy and asks him to chill. He asks her to be in touch by calling him often and she agrees. Later, Panku and Adi are seen at his home and they pull each other’s leg and she tries to read his content on ipad. She brings out alcohol shots for him so as to put the context on being grown-up. She then suggests to him to go for dating and talks about girls at her college and asks him to listen to her since she has two more months to go for the US trip. She finally convinces him to come at the party where he can get introduced to her friends who are girls.

Next day, Adi arrives at the party with Pankhu and is seen to be high after getting drunk. Pankhu meets her friend Shweta who asks her about Adi. Pankhu introduces Adi as her best friend. Shweta gets introduced to Adi by Pankhu and he then calls Shweta as hot and begins to flirt being in his high state. Pankhu signals Adi to have good time with Shweta from a distance. Later, Pankhu finds Shweta and Adi not at the disco and calls Adi but couldn’t connect him. Next morning, Pankhu meets Adi at college and asks what happened with Shweta last night. He replies it is his private matter and asks her to not talk about it at that time. Shweta comes to Pankhu, and thanks her for getting introduced to Adi since all the girls at the party were hitting at him. Pankhu smiles and wonders whether girls were really hitting on Adi. She goes to see Adi in his class and finds Pankhu there who came to meet him. Adi takes Shweta along while leaving Shweta, which makes her take notice of it.

Adi takes Shweta at the bowling alley so as to teach her bowling while Pankhu looks at them and gets quite. Pankhu meets her friend Tabby, who informs her on thinking Adi as her BF but she downplays it. Pankhu gets a thought to play the bowling game with Adi but he informs of dropping Shweta to home and thereby ignores her. Pankhu gets upset with Adi and comes home and vents out her anger on her portraits. She thinks that Adi has forgotten her because of Shweta. Rithvik (the host) speaks that Panku’s heart was going through feelings of jealousy.. Next morning, she wakes up to find a red flower and a letter from Adi asking her to come to his home for breakfast and also with an apology for last night. Pankhu comes to Adi’s home to find Shweta already there at breakfast table and gets annoyed. She sits beside Adi after compeling Shweta to move from him. She finds Adi engrossed in taking care of Shweta and not listening to her. She puts the glass on Adi’s leg and hurts him. She takes him to the room and asks how he was pampering Shweta at the breakfast table and suggests it was over the top. He replies on doing what he felt.

Later, Pankhu comes to her college and works on her painting in angry mode and even hits out at Shweta who came to invite her for a movie outing with Adi. Later in the night, Adi comes to Panku’s home and asks her to chill. She reminds him on not being her Shweta and speaks of not having time since she is going to US. She suggests he has Shweta so he has no worries. He speaks of feeling very bad as she is going to US and wants to see her happy and don’t know whether she accepts it or not. Soon after, Pankhu and Adi are upset with each other since they couldn’t pacify each other, and also she cries at her home. Next day, she sits aimlessly at the bowling alley and Tabby confronts her. Pankhu opens-up by saying Adi has gone mad, and asks her what she will do if her BF Giggi is seen with other girl. Pankhu is told by Tabby to not let Adi be seen with other girl. Pankhu smiles after finding a way. Later, Pankhu gets applaud for her portrait at college and Shweta finds her portrait to be completely damaged. It is Pankhu who damaged Shweta’s portrait and smiles with the development. She finds Adi consoling Shweta and also inviting her for family dinner, and gets angry.

During the dinner in night, Pankhu counters Shweta by speaking of art needing passion and talent and reminds Shweta who had suggested art is an easy subject. Shweta leaves after Pankhu’s rude reply, and this makes Adi hit out at Pankhu and soon both engage in fight. Adi asks her to not come back from US because of his anger. Pankhu reminisces Adi confronting her and speaking rudely with her moments ago and looks at their childhood photo and cries. She gets a dream of Adi getting married with Shweta, and her pleas to him to not go ahead for marriage are not heard. Pankhu wakes up by saying – I love you Adi and looks again at childhood photos. Sooner then, she finds Adi leaving from his home in the car and learns from his mom that he went for bowling. She takes her bicycle and peddles fast while reminiscing her past nice moments with him. Adi at the alley finds himself to not meeting the target and gets upset.

Pankhu comes there and apologizes to him for being jealous. She thought of Shweta replacing her in his life. He replies on not wanting to speak to her and she talks about going to US but still wants to be in his life. With tears rolling and also in a teary voice, speaks of loving him – I love you Adi message [YHA -Siyappa Ishq Ka title song plays]. Tabby is also present there and calls Adi to be a idiot and says Pankhu has confessed her love directly. She asks him to go and reciprocate love to her otherwise she will come back from US with love for someone else. Adi comes to stop Pankhu and speaks of running for her since childhood. He reminds her of the first kiss which he gave her in their childhood and he wants it back. She suggests he got a first kiss from Shweta. He replies that he didn’t have a kiss with Shweta, and clarifies they are just good friends. He speaks of waiting for her to see her return from Us, and moreover will wait for her since he loves her from childhood. On that note, he confesses his love – I love you Pankhu. Both realize their mutual love with a hug and kiss to become lovestruck. The story ends on that happy note.

Rithvik speaks that to understand, feelings are important and sometimes our heart does things of a child. Therefore, listening to our heart is important since it gives you the answers and also show the path, which has been the case fo Pankhu.

Info on Cast:
* Adi is portrayed by actor Ayush Mehra
– Ayush worked in Bindass Love by Chance Episode 2 aired on 7th June 2014 in the role of Dhruv opposite actress Shivangi Joshi (currently portrays Poonam in Begusarai).

* Pankhuri is portrayed by actress Srishti Rindhani
– Srishti played the role of Gattu in Channel V’s Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri [YJTRRR]
– Recent work in Bindass’ Halla Bol Season 2, Episode 18 aired on 29th March 2015 in the role of Meera. Also worked in Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (PTKK) Episode 10 in the role of Deepti which aired on 25th July 2014. Moreover, in  Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 77 aired on 23rd November 2014. Follow the tag Srishti Rindani actress to read articles on the episodes where she had worked.

* Shweta is portrayed by actress Mahi Sharma

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