Amaya to stand for Rishi’s respect; Sneha and Dev’s past to surface in Tere Sheher Mein




Dev has comeback in Banaras and his entry was well sketched to create a big scene in the Rudra Abhishek puja. His arguments with Gajanand Chobey showed his true colors. Sneha hides from his sight and is worried that Dev may spot her. Sneha has hidden the truth from her parents and even her daughters that Rachita is actually Dev’s daughter. The upcoming track will be showing Sneha and Dev’s past, where Dev has ditched her, which made Rishi marry her to save her respect of bearing a child before her marriage. Sneha and Rishi got married and shifted to Mumbai to hide the truth. Gajanand believes Rishi was fraud and run away with Sneha, after failing to get his property. Sneha is seen hiding the truth from everyone, which will slowly come up to clear Rishi’s name from all humiliation he has faced in his life and post death.

Dev meets Amaya in his office and not knowing she is Rishi’s daughter. He would soon know the Mathurs back in Banaras, and Amaya would be showing a strong stand for her dad’s honor. Mantu supports Amaya in her aim to clean Rishi’s name from the fraud case, for which Dev is responsible. Many twists lined up in the show after Dev’s entry, and Rudra looks a minute villain now. Rudra will be seen siding with Dev and tackling Mathurs, which eventually brings Sneha back in Chobey family. Keep reading.


  1. wow d up cmg topc vry vry intrest. Amaya apne super man ke liye ladegi aur mantu uska saath dega. And us ke time spend karne ke baad us bhi amaya pe pyar ho jayega. I luv dis epd


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