Radhika to confront Arjun about Nandini’s wicked move in Manmarzian

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Radhika is forced to marry Saral by his increasing blackmailing. Saral is pressurizing Radhika by threatening her about her family. Radhika goes ahead to marry him and they reach the temple, where they sit to marry. Saral’s over smartness does not make him notice Mala heard them. His marriage idea gets flop by Mala getting Radhika’s friends to stop the marriage. Saral’s truth comes out of troubling Radhika’s family. Arjun gets much concerned for her. Though he does not speak up infront of Sam, his eyes express his feelings for Radhika.

Arjun’s anger tackles Saral and then another truth reveals of Nandini getting Dilip’s shop burnt and risking Radhika’s family. Arjun gets shell shocked by this revelation, while Nandini is in her high revenge motto, with everything is fair in love and war statement. Radhika meets Sam in her haldi ceremony. Sam is eager to marry Arjun and hugs Arjun. Sam does not know about Neil’s feelings for her. Arjun is unhappy with the forced relation. Neil is excited for Sam’s haldi ceremony and makes everyone have sweets hiding his heartbreak. Later, Radhika gets angered knowing Nandini’s wicked move to instigate Saral against her and using him for her unknown intentions. Radhika angrily confronts Arjun for hurting her family and leaves Arjun speechless. Arjun finds himself on the midline between the right and wrong, unable to decide whether his justice seeker Nandini Di has right to do injustice with Radhika. Will Nandini side Arjun on her side by her crocodile tears or will Arjun side with Radhika? Keep reading.






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