Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Siyappa Ishq Ka Episode 5: She is Out of My League, starring Sheen Dass & Harssh Rajput, 18th July 2015 on Bindass TV – Written Update

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Season 2

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks of carefree life in college and then talks on the background of today’s story about a carefree guy meeting a driven girl, and he is talking about Kush and Aarzoo’s love story.

The story starts with Kush getting scolded by his professors at the college and getting reprimand for breaking the limits: setting up the fire alarm with his prank. Aarzoo is also there and she is told to speak the truth since everyone trusts her. She reminisces last meet-up with Kush when he was running after starting the fire alarm and then made her to fall in his arms. She comes back to present and replies on not knowing about Kush to be that guy, and smiles looking at him. Kush comes out and carries glee since he escaped punishment from the principal. The professor comes back and informs him that he will be going to face difficulty in studies and moreover his dad will have hard time in his admission in another college.

Later on, Kush comes to meet Aarzoo but couldn’t meet her and goes on to hang out with his group and even flirting with a girl at canteen. A guy is made to fall by Kush’s friend Rickey at canteen, and Aarzoo comes to help him. Kush’s friend (a girl) calls Aarzoo as Behenji. Later, Kush comes to Aarzoo’s home and after some hesitation thanks her. Soon, he meets her dad who is aware of his fire alarm prank and other pranks, and learnt from Aarzoo. Aarzoo speaks of her dad loving pranks and fun. Kush calls her zoo and she reminds only her dad calls her zoo. He then speaks of his wish that teachers are like her dad, and also on his inhibitions of getting removed from college. She speaks to him that he needs to study to pass the exam, and he learns she is ready to help him in studies, which makes both happy. During the study, he pulls her leg by making weird signals and even taking out her specs. She learns he is intelligent and not stupid and asks him why he doesn’t give attention. He speaks of joining dad’s business and needs a degree and isn’t concerned about grades. He calls her lucky to have a fun dad, and speaks about his dad who even didn’t know that he didn’t like commerce.

Aarzoo’s dad comes and they all play a board game: scrabble (word game). Kush observes Aarzoo’s happiness during the game and he too exudes joy. Kush gets compliment from her dad for playing the game well. She assures Kush to not have worry for studies since she will be with him. She suggests they can leave for home tomorrow after their classes. He wonders what-if his friends Mickey and Keerthi see him with her and what they are going to think. He excuses to be seen with her and she thinks he wants their meetups to study to be kept a secret. She is fine with it and asks him to study a lot and moreover will give him a treat if he comes in the top 10. Later, Kush is lost in himself at college after reminscing Aarzoo’s assuring words that she will be with him for study. He is told by his friends that he is acting and might have got a new friend. His friends then think Kush is worried of Prof. Rathi. He finds Aarzoo approaching towards him and runs away from there with his friends in his jeep.

Later, he goes out in the rain with Aarzoo to have tea together. She speaks on how her specs create problems in rain with tea while he have an eyelock. He opens-up that she can become the popular girl of the college, and reminds that she is already a topper and with some make-up she can become popular. He also talks about hanging out with friends as the college life. She replies that college life is about making friends. He speaks of being cool because of his pranks, and therefore got friends. She points that his friends never shared the blame for his pranks, and also didn’t bother to help him in studies so how come they are his friends. She asks him on why she should change for others who are not going to be on her side when needed. He asks who is his real friend ? She replies – herself. [YHA title song plays]. Kush and Aarzoo are seen together and she is driving him to study. He also finds her blushing in the library as their hands touch when both went to take a book at the same time. Later, Kush writes his exams well, which makes his friends puzzled. Later, he thanks her and informs her on not being nervous for the results for the first time and knows tomorrow is the result day.

Next morning, Kush’s friends find out that he has secured 6th rank and are amazed, and wish him. Aarzoo comes and congratulates Kush in front of his friends and speaks of knowing he will suprise everyone. She speaks of her promise on giving him a treat. His friends call her as Behenji and asks Kush whether he has considered her for a date, and starts to laughs on her. Kush then rudely speaks to Aarzoo on whether she has seen her face and how come he can go on a date, and this makes his friends to mock her more. She leaves with dejection and he then goes to meet her. She asks him directly whether she is his friend or not. He admits on his mistake and reminds that both are different personalities and his friends circle is very different. She asks him to remove her as his true friend, and informs him of not being friend with him anymore since he is ashamed to regard her as his friend.

Later, he comes to come to her home and even library so as to pacify her but in vain. He reminisces about Aarzoo’s words on being a true friend and her assuring words regarding studies. He gets teary eyed and visits the roadside tea stall place and cries with heart, and reminisces their past moments. She also cries at her home after recollecting their past moments. Next morning, Kush’s friend Keerthi bullies Aarzoo and another friend Aakash replays Aarzoo’s proposal to Kush for the treat. Aakash takes her specs and Keerthi pokes fun at her and even asks her to not try to enter their group. Mickey bullies more by taking her specs to mock further. Kush comes and finds his friends misbehaving with her. He fights with Mickey and even punches him. Keerthi soon realizes Kush is in love with Aarzoo, and he opens-up by admitting his love for Aarzoo.

He reminds his friends that Aarzoo has more trust on herself than them combined. She do not hurt others unlike them and even do not try to become popular in college by wearing short skirts, make-ups, and so forth. Moreover, she trusts him a lot. He speaks that Aarzoo is his true friend unlike them and warns them to not say anything against her. Kush runs out to find Aarzoo in a classroom sobbing with her head down. He comes and both share eyelocks. She thanks him and he reciprocates with an apology for his mistake. He speaks of always trying to change her but didn’t thought she is different. He speaks of taking stand against his so-called friends, and is also not ashamed to be with her [YHA title song plays]. He holds her hands and confesses his love – I love you message, and speaks of genuinely loving her. She also confesses her love to him.

Rithvik speaks of Kush had limitations in his life with his friends and group, and after Aarzoo’s entry in his life he understood how he was having a carefree life, and then understood about true friendship and love. Rithvik signs off by suggesting all to give love a chance.

Info On Cast:

*Kush is portrayed by actor Harssh Rajput
– Harsh was born on January 5, 1988 in Gujarat. Debut with TV series Star Plus’s Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan [2006-2009]. Portrayed the role of Pundir. Worked in the role of Agni in Imagine TV’s Dharam Veer (2008). Portrayed the role of Ishaan in Channel V’s Crazy Stupid Ishq.
– Portrayed the role of Bittu – a mentally challenged boy in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (SSLK). Also, in PTKK 3, Episode 4 aired on 12th December 2014, and in PTKK Episode  3 aired on 1st May 2015. Twitter page of Harssh

* Aarzoo is portrayed by actress Sheen Dass

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Harssh Rajput and Sheen Dass have also starred together in this season title theme song.
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