Badtameez Dil: Abeer & Meher come close because of destiny, chance circumstances

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Meher and Abeer in Badtameez Dil

Abeer is agitated with Meher after his fight with Nisaar post the competition night when he had mistakenly tore her dress. He finds his mom Madhvi urging him to not trouble Meher anymore so as to inflict more pain and asks him to follow the rule – Live and let her live. She also highlight the need to respect Meher and any women. However, Abeer didn’t embrace his mom’s earnest request and vows to trouble Meher more since in very less time his friends – Nisaar and Sasha have taken a contrary stance, and even fights because of the believe he hasn’t moved on.

Later on, Abeer decides to blackmail Meher so as to compel her to come for the award night, and even asks her to wear his preferred dress. If she doesn’t agree then he will reveal her old secret (during a night) dating back to their college days on his show where he talks about his own love story and past in disguise. This makes Meher to think that Abeer is doing all this to remove her from the office, which indeed comes true since Abeer challenges upfront and warns to remove her from office within seven days. Meher gets hurt and reminisces her past when she had moved in to stay with Abeer, Nisaar, Sasha during college days.

Later on, it so happens that Meher is tricked to attend the award night by Nishi since her first stance didn’t have intentions to comply with Abeer. There are host of events that take place during the night. Abeer at first gets into his frustrated zone and then agitates Meher. This leads to Meher having hard time with both arguing much. During their heated arguments, she falls into the swimming pool. Abeer also finds himself in the pool to assist Meher and decides to drop her home. But their destiny has something else to present as they find themselves in each other’s company close to each other after accidentally getting locked inside some place, with their Nok-jhok and bickering also playing its part.

Nonetheless, the question, whether they have really moved on post their seperation continues to hover around, and it looks certainly the answer is ‘No’. For Abeer & Meher, their priorities, attitude, and responsibilities have changed post their seperation eight years ago. Now, they need to figure out what has not changed,  and if that constant is love. Will Abeer & Meher dissect and ponder on the actual reasons behind their break-up in love and marriage ?

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