Sid & Roshni to inch closer towards their Reunion post their Life’s cliffhanger moment


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Sid-Roshni’s love and relationship continue to suffer with Misha’s acting drama – memory loss and vulnerability presentation. Sid realizes on how much he listened to Misha and always thought of others but now he only wants to get back at his love with Roshni, and informs her the same. DD at her end comes to know of Misha being Schizophrenic (suferring from schizophrenia) and carries psychotic obsession for Sid, thanks to her friend Arora. She is worried after learning Misha’s truth, and how Misha had faked her medical condition to fool Sid in her trap.

Meanwhile, Sid at his end is upset with himself in giving in to the demands of Misha and isn’t aware of the fake medical condition. Misha’s exploits Sid’s help to the hilt by getting him signed on papers earlier which turned out to be the nod for their  marriage. She henceforth pressurizes him to marry her within three days. Sid is compelled to go ahead for marriage with Misha while Roshni feels very helpless. As marriage proceedings begin, DD marks her entry to stop Misha and Sid’s marriage after disclosing her truth. Misha hits out at DD and threatens her. Sid decides to put a halt to marriage proceedings. But Sid’s efforts didn’t deter Misha who is in no mood to give-up on her marriage with Sid. Misha takes Roshni hostage with her gun, and reminds Sid that he only belongs to her. Sid feels helpless with Misha’s actions and few moments later Misha goes ahead to prepare a fatal attack on Roshni.


Sid and Roshni are going through a cliffhanger moment in their life and there is another side to this development. It turns out that SId and Roshni have already laid a pain to trap the culprit in this case Misha, and attack on Roshni would have least impact. Later on, Sid and Roshni get back together and their marriage proceedings get started bringing back their romantic moments. It is yet not known what will happen to Misha as her truth got unfolded and came to forefront. Will Roshni and DD get justice by making Misha to face stern action and court for her crimes ?

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