Emotional Atyachaar 5 31st July 2015 Episode 19, Two Strangers meet to get rid of doubt, unearth cheating, with Pravesh Rana on Bindass TV – Promo

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Pravesh Rana - Emotional Atyachaar

The story is about two individuals Rishi and Bhavita. Rishi and Bhavita are also strangers living in different cities hundreds of miles from each other. They are in a relationship with their respective partner and things were going fine. One fine day they receive a mail with the keyword ‘fidelo’ and contact number. Both got intrigued with the message and in particular with the word fidelo and got a doubt regarding their partners.

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Both arrive from their cities to Mumbai after informing their partners to get clarity and also to rid of their doubt. They meet each other to find about a private party being organized at the place where they were directed to. To their surprise, they are told about access to the party is only via a password. There was more in store for them as many things unfolded there with pointers to their partners’ cheating, and also its validation coming to forefront. We can say for Rishi and Bhavita, the tagline – Expect the unexpected fits well. How the word ‘fidelo’ and the password connected ? What made their doubt to transform into reality, and empower them to unearth cheating ? Stay tuned to Emotional Atyachaar next Friday @ 7 PM on Bindass TV.

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