Jodha to fight with vigor & heart to save Akbar’s Life against all odds

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Akbar falls in the trap of conspiracies and ploy with his own – Murad (son) helping the British to kill Akbar by poisoning him. Ruks also has a role in the ploy since she isn’t allowing Akbar’s letters to reach Jodha because of her jealousy and insecurities. This leads to Akbar not able to communicate with Jodha on his stay. Later on, Akbar succumbs to become a victim of British and Murad’s conspiracy with the poison starts to take its toll on his health and has the potential to take away his life slowly. Akbar’s health starts deteriorating and it so happens then that he is caught and held hostage.

Meanwhile, Jodha gets much worried in Agra with no news from Akbar for a month and is handed the throne and reins to manage the Mughal empire. She senses something amiss regarding Akbar’s whereabouts and begins to find out the details. Soon after, she goes ahead to wage a war by leading from the front with the sole aim to save Akbar’s life, and shows much courage and vigor. She fights her enemies with determination and it has to be seen how she succeeds in her endeavors to save Akbar’s life. For Jodha-Akbar, yet again there is testing times for their endearing love and concern for each other.

While Akbar became a victim of concealed and indirect attack, Ruks on the other hand is also playing her own style of deceit to trouble Jodha without mindful of the serious situation at hand. Will Jodha gets to know of Ruks role in stopping Akbar’s letter in reaching her ? Jodha-Akbar is currently in its final leg, and the on-going special episodes telecast from 27 July to 7th August 2015.

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2 responses to “Jodha to fight with vigor & heart to save Akbar’s Life against all odds”

  1. kalpana Avatar

    Jodha jealousy with ruqaiya because akbar only loved and cared only ruqaiya and no one else .Ruqaiya always did business and she have two palaces jodha didn’t have one palace also she don’t have such capacity in life that’s way jodha jealous with ruqaiya serial never changes real history understand

  2. rincy Avatar

    what u meant is wrong in serial rukaiya is jealous of jodha and in history also same and i love jodha beacuse she is large heartened she always used to forgive rukaiya or someone who did bad to her because she does not want anyone to be sad because of her aur maine aapni zindagi mein itni aache insaan ko kabhi dekha hi nahi aagar dubaara tumne jodha ki baara me ek shabd bi bola toh mein tumhaari anth dekungi just shut and watch k

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