Kokila and Gaura’s past to surface; Gaura to turn tormenting in Saathiya…


saathiya kokila

Gopi gets to know about Gaura. She melts Kokila’s heart as she wants to know the secret of Kokila and Gaura’s past. Kokila cries and tells her the past of her best friend Gaura, and tells about doing some mistake in the past being mistaken and this has affected Gaura’s life. Gopi realizes Gaura is very close to Kokila’s heart, as Kokila’s tears reflect her repentance. Meera’s marriage will be happening in the next track and lots of suspense is build up in the show. Kokila welcomes Gaura in her home and is very excited to have her friend with her, thinking Gaura has forgiven her.

Gaura is brought to Modi house on the funeral. Kokila has done many arrangements to welcome Gaura to her home. Gaura is an artist in the show, and she enters Modi bhavan by a twist. She shocks everyone by her fake death. Kokila gets shocked and cries, asking her childhood friend to come back. She always shocks Kokila by her drama. She gifts Kokila the funeral earthen pot. Gaura is the only one who is shocking Kokila and not in her control. Gaura wants to hit Kokila and break her family. Gaura is a challenge for Kokila and her son will be bringing more twists. Keep reading.


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