Lalima to bring positivism in Sooraj’s life in Diya Aur…

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Sooraj has gone through a bad emotional phase. Bhabho takes him to the temple and gets happiness seeing Lalima making Sooraj smile. Lalima turns out to be a sweet, simple and pure hearted girl. She is a positive soul, and there is something that binds Sooraj to her. Sooraj is going through separation from Sandhya, and not able to deal with her death. He finds Lalima similar to Sandhya, and follows her thinking she is Sandhya. He goes inside the temple after her. Bhabho and Emily see Sooraj happy and think to get Sooraj married to Lalima, so that Ved gets a mother. Lalima’s father who owned Sooraj’s shop has died.

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Lalima manages the sweet shop and wants Sooraj’s help in running the shop well to keep the name high. Sooraj and Lalima come close in order to take the shop earn same respect again. Sandhya is taken to the Garjana Sanghatan jungle and she is questioned there. Lalima makes Jalebis for Sooraj, which makes him recall Sandhya. Bhabho says he smiled after three months and gives credit to Lalima. Bhabho tells Babasa that she has chosen Lalima for Sooraj, and Babasa is doubtful about the new development. Bhabho is sure that Lalima will fill Sandhya’s place in everyone’s lives. Sandhya regards Sooraj to be her strength, will he change path and accept Lalima in his life? Keep reading.

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