Mantu realizes love for Amaya; Rudra to spy on Sneha’s past in Tere Sheher Mein




Uma and Amaya visit the fortune teller and has high belief that his prediction will be close to their fate. Uma challenges Amaya to know the fate and then the losing one will be out of Mantu’s life. They both agree to this condition and meet him. The man tells them that both of them deserve to get Mantu’s love, as Amaya is pure hearted and will get true love as per her desinty, and Uma is like Mantu’s shadow since childhood. Amaya tells him that she does not wish to know the future, and impresses him by showing her devotion in Lord. Uma does not lose and is keen to draw Mantu’s attention. Mantu does not know about Uma and Amaya’s love. He has started loving Amaya and believes he is not suitable for her. Later, Uma is seen dancing much so as to win Mantu’s heart. She also prepares wedding card and other pre-marriage activities. She is eager to get married with Mantu. Will Uma’s plans to marry Mantu succeed? Mantu imagines Amaya everywhere and has fallen in love with her.

Dev has seen Sneha and curses her sight. He vows to ruin her, and wants to get some answers from her. Dev decides to know about Sneha’s address and gets to know about Sneha doing Rudra Abhishek puja. He finds out that Gajanand is still protecting Sneha, despite showing hatred towards Rishi’s family. Its testing time for Sneha. She sits isolated in her room, recalling her past and being afraid of Dev. She calls up Hari to help her and protect her family from Dev. Hari will be turning up at Banaras in the next track, while Rudra gets to know about Sneha and Dev’s past. Will Rudra use Sneha’s past to ruin the Mathurs? Keep reading.



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