Shanti and Lali Bua’s past enmity grows again; Sarla panics by Shivam’s presence in Mere Angne Mein


mere angne mein

Sarla tries hard to stop the tilak ceremony and fails. Shanti and Lali Bua come face to face and are shocked seeing each other. They realize the childhood enmity between them and are totally against. Sarla calms Shanti and the tilak ceremony takes place. Amit’s face turns red by the allergy, and Bua does not get to know about Shivam. Sarla fools Bua ji in Anupam and Riya’s absence. Sarla manages that no one takes Amit’s name there in the function. She makes sure that Amit’s identity is not revealed. Bua ji does the tilak ritual and leaves, as she is unable to bear Shanti. Bua gets thinking about Riya’s future, as she will be relating to Shanti. Anupam and Sahil are freed by Sarla’s men after the tilak is done. Anupam does not understand the reason of kidnapping.

Next comes the sangeet function which makes Sarla makes tensed. Kaushalya does all the arrangements of the sangeet function. Sarla tries to cancel the sangeet and comes up with many more weird plans. Sarla makes a work excuse and sends Shivam away from home. The sangeet function starts and Shivam comes home right in the function, and Sarla and Amit start panicking. Amit asks Sarla to do something. Shanti finds Sarla hiding something, and is against Lali Bua. She asks Sarla about his big mistake she did, and Sarla does not confide in her. Will Sarla be able to hide the truth? Keep reading.



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