Thapki and Dhruv’s marriage to face big hurdles in Thapki Pyaar Ki…



Dhruv’s Dadi is miffed with Vasundara for not taking her opinion on choosing the girl for Dhruv. She starts creating a messy situation in Thapki’s home to show her annoyance towards Thapki. She finds Thapki good and is worried of her stammering problem. She refuses for the proposal and asks Vasundara to go ahead with her selection against her wish. Thapki cries seeing this and cancels the marriage, saying she will not marry Dhruv without the elder’s blessings and happiness. Dhruv gets shocked by her decision. Thapki’s humbleness and simplicity win Dadi’s heart, and she gives the nod for Thapki.

Vasundara is having hearing problem since some time and did not know of Thapki’s stammering. Thapki and everyone are mistaken that Vasundara has accepted her even after knowing her stammering. Vasundara finds Thapki the best one for Dhruv. Sakshi can’t believe Vasundara has accepted Thapki and uses the interview which Dhruv has taken of Thapki. She tries breaking Dhruv’s marriage with Thapki. What will Vasundara do knowing the truth? Keep reading.


  1. Thapki Pyar Ki is my favorite show.Pls pls pls don’t separate them.Want to to see more love scenes in between Thapki and Dhruv

    • I love thapki and dhruv pair. Plz dont seperete them. Plz plz get them married as soon as possible. Love u dhruv and thapki

  2. PLEASE dont make to seperate them vasundara ji. I love thapki and dhruv pair. Please……… dont seperate them please get them marriage as early as possible we wait that episode. Love u dhruv and thapki

  3. I like Bihan because he so cool guy ………and he is entertaining guy ……. that is why serial is interesting ………

  4. I don’t like Dhruv………..because he doing overacting. Also he is very close to Thapki. Every love story have twist and turns without twist and turns serial will be boring………….


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