Badtameez Dil – Abeer & Meher battle the perception problem about them: Seeing each other once again

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Abeer and Meher in Badtameez Dil

Abeer & Meher find themselves getting the unwanted attention from people following the news leak that captured his closeness towards her when they got stucked in rain post the awards night. While Meher manages to pacify her family about the situation, but Abeer finds himself helpless to convince others on not having any role in the leak. Abeer wanted to trouble Meher on the award night but their destiny has brought them close and even made him shower care towards her.

With Meher’s revealing about her past with Abeer – love, marriage, and divorce at the office, the office colleagues get more things to ponder and ask, and sometimes putting her in bad character zone. Abeer had challenged Meher earlier on making her leave in seven days, but for Meher staying in office as the business head is a matter of pride and respect since Abeer’s dad in the past demonstrated on how he can buy even relationships with money. The news of Abeer-Meher’s close moments are also known to their dads. Abeer’s dad Kuber is frustrated with the news, and hits out at Meher’s dad because of his ego and the might of money. Abeer and Meher are compelled to come forward to pacify the matter involving their dads, and the chance cirumstances alongwith destiny yet again bringing them close.

Abeer has started showing care towards Meher akin to the times when he was in love with her, and his current hate has inherent love hidden in it. Therefore, Abeer’s reactions towards the recent developments give more reasons to believe that he hasn’t moved on post his seperation with Meher. Meher on the other hand also battles the question about her really moving on from Abeer since she couldn’t stay away from either reminding him about their past, good times, feelings, or reminiscing about their past and getting teary eyed. Later on, Abeer throws a googly by coming to stay at Meher’s home and greeting her mum. Will Abeer & Meher continue to come close after battling the perception problem about them (seeing each other once again), and their dads’ confrontation ?


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