Gayatri & Prince Indravardhan come close because of destiny, chance circumstances

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, kickstarted this monday, and traces the eternal love story and journey of Gayatri and Prince Indravardhan Deo. Gayatri & Prince Indravardhan (Ranaji) are poles apart, first the commoner vs. king divide, and second on their thinking – easy going vs. pragmatic approach. She feels awe on the prospect to see and meet Ranaji but couldn’t succeed in the first attempt. Soon after, the destiny plays it part by bringing Gayatri in face-to-face encounters with Ranaji, which were just co-incidental. She meets him at the police station though might not be aware of his status. He helps her by holding in his arms so as to avoid her fall. Later on, she meets Ranaji after engaging in a small accident on the roadaway. But this meeting didn’t go on well since Ranaji shows his displeasure on Gayatri’s careless attitude in driving the car badly. Gayatri on the other hand starts to get more awe & inquisite about Ranaji and his personality.

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Later, Gayatri gets an unconventional chance encounter with Ranaji after she gets drowned in the river. Ranaji was passing by across the river in his entourage, and finds a girl drowning. Because of his pragmatic, caring and down to earth attitude, he goes ahead to rescue the girl who is actually Gayatri from waters. After finding her to be unconscious, he decides to push air in her lungs via artificial respiration – mouth to mouth resuscitation, kiss of life. Thereafter, Gayatri gets a life saver while the villagers and his entourage are puzzled to see Ranaji in so close proximity to her, and moreover how went all out to save her life.  On another front, Ranaji’s life is under danger with conspiracies hatched in the palace for the sake of royal prestige power & benefits. He is brave but to distill and unmask the threats to his life and attacks are complex and difficult. Will Gayatri realize how her life got saved due to Ranaji’s timely and unconditional effort ?

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