Panchi gets Govind’s approval; Titu to pursue his dreams in Tu Mera Hero

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Panchi and Surekha have kept a puja at home to make Titu leave for Mumbai, and end all the bad effects of his kundli. Surekha believes Alankaraj Maharaj who remarks Titu’s Mumbai visit will not be safe. Surekha gets sad and does not know this is Govind’s plan to stop Titu. Panchi suspects Govind has done this, as he has visited the Ashram and donated one lakh rupees. Panchi asks the family not to be superstitious and let Titu go Mumbai. Govind tells the truth to Panchi and keeps a condition to get his approval for Titu’s Mumbai trip. He asks her to bring out Alankraj’s truth infront of Surekha and end her superstitions. Panchi agrees and can do anything to help Titu fulfill his dreams. Panchi’s first step to expose Alankraj by showering gold coins fails, as Maharaj fools them by his clever words. Surekha scolds Panchi for having such mindset. Titu asks Panchi not to doubt on Surekha’s devotion and does not believe her. This time Panchi makes a bigger plan and tells Titu that this is her last attempt.

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Titu and Panchi have exposed Alankraj Maharaj’s truth infront of Surekha. Maharaj gets 10 lakhs rs from Govind. The thieves catch him and try to get the cash. Alankraj Maharaj tries to save the money. Titu is standing at the line where Maharaj asked him to stay and not cross it. Maharaj asks him to help him, and there is no such line, he was just lying to him about the safety line. Surekha gets shocked seeing Maharaj admitting his lies and saving cash. Surekha scolds him by catching him red handed and cries. Her belief has broken. Panchi also scolds him and asks Govind to fulfill her promise of allowing Titu to pursue his dream. Govind is glad that Surekha’s superstitions have stopped and sends Titu happily to Mumbai. The show will be bringing a new track on Titu’s journey in Mumbai to become a comedy star. Keep reading.



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