Radhika confesses love to Arjun; Arjun-Sam’s marriage to halt in Manmarzian



Radhika has heard Arjun and Nandini speaking to Rana. Nandini tells her plan of taking Sam along her and Arjun, after the marriage to some religious place for seeking blessings. She plans to hurt Sam and not let her return home. She is planning big revenge against Samrat and wishes to kill Sam. Radhika gets stunned knowing this, and gets thinking of stopping Arjun and Sam’s marriage. Samaira gets ready as the bride and Neil wishes her all the happiness. Samaira waits for Arjun in the mandap dressed up as a bride, but Arjun is with Radhika in her room. Sam gets to know of it and rushes to see them. Everyone come there and is shocked to see their intimacy. Radhika confesses that they love each other inorder to stop the wedding. Samaira is in shock and couldn’t believe her. Even Arjun gets a big shock and is confused to get happy that Radhika loves him, or sad that he got away from his revenge.

Radhika’s mum Mala asks her what is she saying. Radhika gets firm and confesses her love infront of everyone. Mala slaps her hard. Radhika doesn’t want Arjun to marry Samaira as she has doubt on Arjun’s changing intentions because of Nandini’s constant pressure on him. She knows that Arjun wants to take revenge for his sister Nandini and wants to ruin Samaira’s life. Nandini and Samaira’s father Samrat had an affair which the latter ended seeing Nandini affecting his marriage. Samrat calls it his mistake and Nandini names it a big deceive. Radhika wants to save Samaira from Arjun and fulfill her relation of friendship with Samaira. Nandini comes there and tells about Samrat betraying her. Although Radhika is in unrealized love with Arjun, he is just affected by her good and selfless nature. Arjun is not in sure love either. Neil will be shouldering Sam post this incident. Samrat will be speaking up about his affair with Nandini, which shatters Piyali. Sam holds Radhika responsible for breaking her marriage and family. What will Nandini do now after getting her revenge plan flopped? Keep reading.



  1. I don’t like rad anymore who has no self respect. Friends should nt be more valuable than family. And friends like sam……..out of questions

  2. Hum na frnds kealea jaan be deasakthea hea but uskealea hamari friends be layak hoona cha hea.radu sam is not beliving know that first.


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