Ragini’s cunning plot succeeds; Huge drama to follow in Swaragini



Ragini takes Swara to bridge and confesses to her crimes infront of Swara. Swara gets shocked and couldn’t believe that her sister could do such a thing. Before she could say anything, Ragini pushes her in the river. Swara gets drowned and flowed with the flowing water. Ragini cries and says she does not have any other option. She rushes from there. Later Swara and Laksh’s marriage function starts, but Swara is missing. Laksh gets lost in thinking and is sad. Everyone is worried about Swara. Ragini will take advantage of the situation and tells everyone that Sanskar is not mad, but is fine. She tries to expose Sanskar and puts the blame on him. Sanskar is shocked that Ragini has cheated him and gets against her.

Everyone seek an answer from Sanskar for his mad drama. Sanskar is kicked out of the house after knowing his deceive. Sanskaar leaves from home and tries to search Swara on the road and takes her pic with him. He has a doubt on Ragini that she is hidden Swara somewhere. Ragini wants to marry Laksh and it is yet to be seen if she gets successful. Ragini sheds crocodile tears and gets everyone’s attention to marry Laksh. The family does not get Swara and sees the groom waiting for her. Ragini’s efforts get paid and Laksh shocks everyone by announcing his marriage with Ragini. Will Ragini and Laksh get married? Keep reading.




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