Rohan plants divorce drama between Suhani and Yuvraaj



Suhani sings Bada dukh dina…… and performs on the stage in the Mrs. Allahabad contest. She shows her classical dance skills. She signs Yuvraaj and chooses the song to pass her message to him. Rohan is trying to break Yuvraaj and Suhani. Yuvraaj gets upset with Suhani’s performance. Yuvraaj gets jealous seeing Rohan and Suhani’s proximity and will confess his love to her. Suhani loves Yuvraaj a lot and wants Yuvraaj to accept her love. Yuvraaj is hurt seeing the divorce papers signed by Suhani. Rohan has made her sign on the papers by lying to her. Suhani is not aware of Rohan’s plans, and has reached in top 3 contestants. Dadi announces her name unwillingly as the winner of the contest.

The misunderstandings and divorce drama will grow in the show. Yuvraaj gets puzzled seeing the divorce papers and Suhani signing him about her love. Dadi thinks Rohan will help her by marrying Suhani and is happy to get rid of Suhani. Everyone praise Suhani after she wins the contest which makes Dadi angry. Dadi still holds hatred towards Suhani and is glad seeing Yuvraaj’s annoyance with Suhani. Will Dadi ever melt to Suhani? Will Yuvraaj clear his doubts and accept Suhani’s love? Keep reading.



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