A happy ending for Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…..Veera

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Dilawar and Ranvi have a fight, when Ranvi gets to know about Dilawar killing Ratan. Dilawar and Ranvi have a showdown and Ranvi gets severely wounded. Veera reaches the spot and Baldev and she rush Ranvi to the hospital. She reaches Gurudwara with a plea to make her brother fine. The Lord listens to her prayers and Ranvi gets fine. On the last day of show, Veera ties rakhi on her brother’s wrist and do the aarti.

Gunjan does the aarti of her brother Baldev and ties the Rakhi. She cries getting emotional. Gunjan’s doubts about Ranvi get cleared and they resume their normal married relation with love and trust. The show is going to end on a happy note, but the audience will never forget the unique mum Ranvi. Veera gives the good news of her pregnancy and her decision to give the baby to Ranvi and Gunjan, to complete their small family. She delivers the child and hands over the baby to Ranvi and Gunjan. Baldev-Veera and Ranvi-Gunjan romantic pairings will be missed the most. Veera is going to end soon this week and will be replaced by new show Mohii. TellyReviews wishes all the best to the entire cast of the wonderful show Veera.






7 responses to “A happy ending for Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…..Veera”

  1. alisha Avatar

    All this is going to happen in a week? 9 month pregnancy and delivery wow. Thank god this bullshit is over. Missed don’t think so. Bye bye beers. Long over due.:)

  2. mp Avatar

    i love shinaz & their chemistry.

  3. shania Avatar

    Will miss Veera….

  4. oma Avatar

    I am so upset at star plus for ending veer ki ardass veera.Such a beautiful show.
    Why dont you cancel that garbage saath nibhaana satiya and yeh rishta kya kheli whatever.You people just keep replacing good shows with garbage.I am in canada but i think i am going to stop watching your soaps.Your short lived soaps .Learn how to produce and keep good soaps going and then I may resume looking at your soaps.I am really mad.Iss pyaar ,the original show.you guys at star plus did the same nonsense.Cancelling such nice shows to bring garbage.Cancel saathiya and yeh rishta.Long running crap in my book.

  5. Nicola Avatar

    I echo your comments… yeh rishta and saathiya are crap! How many times do we need to look at faces, where is the storyline? Bring back Veera! Or a comedy at least that is not full of music or on different faces all the time

  6. letty Avatar

    Ye rishta is a nice drama it is nw showing the next generation nd they life, that has 2 stay but your right Saathiya has to go, it getting so boring.

  7. Isabella Avatar

    Comment:I will really miss veera.luv u veera.I want us to be friends.

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