Sarla to cook up many twists; Shivam to marry Riya in Mere Angne Mein


mere angne mein

Shivam enters in the sangeet function, which shocks Sarla. Riya sens Bunty to call Shivam as she wants to talk to him alone. Bunty goes to find Shivam and Sarla takes Shivam along. She does not let Riya and Shivam talk and clear the matter. Raghav looks for Shivam and is curious to know where did he disappear. Shanti looks for Sarla and does not know about Sarla’s panicking reason. She tries finding Sarla and ends up arguing with Laali Bua.

Shivam is sent again by Sarla and Nimmi gets to know a bit of Sarla’s plan. She finds it weird that Sarla always sends Shivam for any work and keeping him away from functions. She decides to find out the truth. Shanti gets Rani and sends her off to her home, asking her not to come back to attend the marriage function, as she is hindering the functions and Amit’s happiness. Sarla comes back and cooks a story again to save herself and Amit from Raghav’s anger. Raghav gets angry seeing Shivam not present with them. Riya gets ready as the bride and finally the marriage day arrives. The baraat assembles at Riya’s place and they have to do a Kuan/well puja, where Sarla falls in the well to divert everyone’s attention and let the marriage happen. Shivam arrives there on the groom’s horse to marry Riya. Shivam will be marrying Riya against all odds. How will Raghav react knowing Sarla’s big lies? Keep reading.

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  1. I must admit, Sarla and Shanti are excellent actors. They play their part very well. As much as I hate them I also love them.

  2. too many lies are not good for a human being. bad examples to many people. lies are told to save someone not to play with your own nephew whose father has helped you a lot .

  3. I’m getting restless hoping that shivam gets there on time.
    This drama is so intense but its right now its the best show on tv.

  4. Hello, I love this serial but it’s getting a little too much. I can’t stand this, for God sake shivam can you please get there now, if I can get from the UK to India in 8 hours. So why is shivam taking this long!!!!
    Nimi deserves the best sister on the year award, well done ?


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