Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Siyappa Ishq Ka Episode 8: Lost in Love, starring Manasi Rachh & Fahad Ali, 8th August 2015 on Bindass TV – Promo

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Season 2

The story is about youngsters Kim and Tushar. Kim and Tushar both strangers get to know of each other after their chance meeting at a bar. They came there after being lost in love and gets introduced. Both gets drunk and soon after she discloses him about how she got ditched by her boyfriend in that high state. Tushar suggests he will show her how to become a heartbreaker and suggests she needs to be confident and sexy in order to succeed.

While Tushar was giving her tips to woo her partner back in love, and on other hand she was sharing with him on her love life and dating and how the guy got involved after getting awe of her. Both didn’t realize how their lives are interconnected, and aren’t aware on their new born feelings for each other. After knowing from Kim about her intimate time with her partner, Tushar gets restless and ponders whether Kim was really serious on what she said to him, and then wishes to not know what actually happened. They go on with their lives and Tushar begins to sway more towards her as they share time together. Initially, he didn’t comprehend his feelings but his reactions, and behavior towards Kim has changed makes him realize about love. Nevertheless, it turns out that unknowingly she too has feelings for him. But it is matter of time before they realize their mutual love, and it just needs some spark or trigger.

The story touches on the aspect of how we sometimes fall in love unknowingly with the person whom we shower care, friendship and unconditional support. Stay tuned to Yeh Hai Aashiqui this Saturday on Bindass TV.

Info on Cast:

* Tushar is portrayed by actor Fahad Ali
– Last worked in Sony TV’s Muh Boli Shaadi in the lead role of Nikhil.
– Fahad recently worked in Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Zing TV’s PTKK. Fahad’s Twitter page

* Kim is portrayed by actress Manasi Rachh
– Manasi recently worked in Zing TV’s PTKK Season 3, Episode 19 aired on 3rd April 2015.

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