Badtameez Dil: Abeer’s heart brings him close to Meher, yet far from truths & secrets related to their seperation

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Abeer and Meher in Badtameez Dil

Abeer and Meher were battling the percepetion problem about them seeing each other once again after the awards night photo and news frenzy, and then gets to face the problem from the goons. During this time, Abeer faces the reality unknowingly of not able to move on from Meher and still he cares for her well-being, and is also affected by her. He lands up at Meher’s home with intentions to protect her and his concerns are only known to his mom. However, he presents to Meher on coming to stay at her home to possible trouble or tease her in his usual style.

Meher on the other hand tries to evade some secrets from Abeer, which could be from the time after their seperation, and even her family provide support in doing so. The main cause of Abeer & Meher’s seperation is misunderstanding, and post that uneventful development Meher came to know of things in particular Kuber’s (Abeer’s dad) might of money and how he equates matters of relationship with money. While, Meher feels she has moved on from her past since eight years have passed by, but in reality she gets affected when Abeer is around. Abeer has got the tag of being a relationship breaker and runaway, and is perceived such by Meher’s Bua but this is not entirely true since the primary cause of such perception is the misunderstanding, and issues that were intentionally hidden from him.

With Abeer & Meher’s stay under one roof, things from their past – how they fell in love, her Bua’s perception, events until their seperation are getting unfolded. Will Abeer get to know of secrets which Meher intentionally hides from him ? What about his not so open care towards Meher, and does it give him an answer on not being able to move on ?


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