Shraddha and Sher whirled in Bhanvari’s schemes in Piya Rangrezz

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After some tension and drama in the show, its time for Sher Singh and Shraddha’s romance. Sher Singh takes Shraddha on a unique date. They don’t have dinner at any big restaurant, but go to have tea at a small roadside stall. Sher Singh wants to make up to Shraddha and end her lovely annoyance. Sher makes the date memorable and makes Shraddha smile finally. Shraddha gets convinced by his love talks and hugs him. Their happiness gets short lived as Sher’s mum Bhanvari Devi plans against Shraddha. She is making all efforts get back to his old form, arrogant and selfish.

The next will be bringing a new twist. Sher Singh gets tensed seeing Shraddha unconsciously lying on the cart. He gets to know about the bridge mishap by which Shraddha got hurt. Bhanvari Devi and Aditya are responsible for using bad raw materials to make the bridge, and Sher is blamed for this mishap, as he has was responsible for the bridge construction. Sher brings wounded Shraddha to hospital and asks the doctor to treat her. When the doctor refuses, Sher Singh puts gun on his head and returns to his old avatar. It is his mum’s conspiracy against Shraddha. The police comes there and arrests Sher for using bad material and risking many lives. Will Sher be able to get off his schemes of his mum, or will he get back to his wrong route alongside his mum? Keep reading.



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