Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Siyappa Ishq Ka Episode 8: Lost in Love, starring Manasi Rachh & Fahad Ali, 8th August 2015 on Bindass TV – Written Update

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Season 2

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks of how we don’t have any control on destiny and suggests you are with your partner because it was destined to be. Today’s story is of two strangers who didn’t know that their lives are very much interconnected.

The story starts with Kim coming to a bar and waits for her BF – Jigs aka Jigar and soon calls him. He doesn’t pick-up her call at his gym and instead goes to talk and flirt with a girl by suggesting to her that she looks like his next GF. He asks her her mobile no and gets it. Kim calls Jigs again and he attends it but declines to come at their date citing he should have been informed much in advance. Meanwhile, Tushar turns up at the same bar and calls his GF Mandira after not finding her there. Mandira speaks to him on her plan having changed and so will not be meeting him. He gets disheartened on that note.  Kim was looking at him and heard on what he said earlier. She sends a drink to him and suggests he will be get better. Both start their conversation while having drinks. She asks his heartbreak story. He opens-up of his GF ditching him again, and she also speaks on her boyfriend Jigs doing the same. He speaks that both were destined to meet there. Sooner then, both gets into binge drinking with patiala drink, and not so fancy drinks. She gets high and gives relationship advice: to not fall in love. He replies by suggesting the need to be positive but she speaks of not having hope.

He suggests they can try to succeed in love. And soon, both make a deal to not give up and help themselves to steady and strengthen their lost love. Both exchanged their mobile no’s and leave from there since she don’t want to go home late and get mom’s ire. On her way back home, she speaks to Tushar whether to call Jigs and thinks he might be flirting with some girl. Tushar starts to speak on how Mandira likes getting attention and flirting by wearing fancy dresses. Tushar asks Kim to follow Mandira’s way by dressing to look sexy and in this way she can be confident and not being afraid of competition. She ends up the call after setting up an appointment to meet tomorrow to plan about their love life. Next day, Kim and Tushar get into discussing about their love life. He asks her to have sexy voice. She replies of not knowing it and asks him to do instead. He does it. Kim then goes to speak with Jigs on phone in somewhat different style and even coughing. Jigs speaks of coming to see her at home by suggesting she looks sick. Later, Kim learns that Mandira ditched Tushar again, and asks him to be not be upset. She suggests he needs to show romantic side by presenting his super duper hero side. She suggests girls like surprises and wants to change him much so that Mandira starts to like him a lot.

Soon after, Tushar gets a makeover thanks to Kim, and he then goes to Mandira’s home. He acts in a macho fashion and she asks him for a game – who blinks first ?.. Mandira wins the staring game like always. Later, Tushar speaks to Kim of his date with mandira after the game. He asks her to come to his home tomorrow and a surprise awaits. Tushar meets Kim, and asks her to try few short dresses, which he brought for her, and he is sure that her BF would get really impressed. She tries all the four dresses and shows it to him one-by-one. They share a quiet moment when he helps her in back closure – zipper. Later, he tells her that she looks fine in the original dress and she can choose any dress. Next day, Tushar gets a call from Kim that Jigs got really impressed with her last night and moreover he gave her a kiss like that of other consenting adults. Tushar curbs his feelings for Kim and doesn’t want to hear more from her. He cooks up on having a date last night and looks at Kim’s photo in his mobile and reminices of their past nice moments and then smiles but also shows his restlessness. Later in the night, Tushar speaks of his friend getting thrashed by Mandira who went there as a goon. He speaks that his friend got fractured hand and Mandira complimented Tushar for his puches. Kim suggests they succeeded. He asks wheher they are going to fix relationship issues with fake attitudes and dress changes. He frankly opens-up on not liking those things and soon both end their telephonic chat. He continues to feel restless while she ponders on his thoughts.

Few days later, Kim meets Tushar at his home. She speaks of being busy with Jigs. He speaks of feeling incomplete but complicated and doesn’t feel better after spending much time with his GF. Soon after, she hugs him and speaks of missing him much. Both share eyelocks and he speaks of missing her too. She suggests of going on double date so they can get more time to meet. She leaves by giving an excuse of her date with Jigs, and long drive. Upon hearing it, he asks her to leave right away because of his restlessness and feelings. She notices Tushar and how he reacted and what he said and how. Tushar gets an illusion of being present with Kim, and soon reminices their past moments [YHA title song plays]. On the other front, Kim and Tushar feel completely cut-off from their partners and seem to be not happy. Kim declines Tushar’s kiss citing fever when he came to drop her home. He set-up the double date to meet Tushar tomorrow.

Kim calls Tushar who asks her about the romantic date. He asks her about the story and she speaks on how Tushar is presented as her school fellow and they lost contact for many years, and then he traced her on social media. Tushar understood the story and their background. She speaks of excited to meet him tomorrow. She is in awe on how he share the same thoughts like her, and reminisces about their past moments – hugs, jovial talks, and feels something incomplete. Next day, Kim-Jigs goes to meet Tushar-Mandira at the bar for the double date. Jigs greets Tushar in his hunk style, and even twists Tushar’s hand. Jigs start to flirt with Mandira by asking her to be a model. Tushar informs Kim about how his hand got twisted by Jigs via SMS. They share more messages on phone. Kim and Tushar order Patiala drink while Mandira and Tushar order Dirty Martini as it is fancy. Tushar begins to talk on his cooked-up story about going to Kim’s school and in order to make her quiet he used to give his food. Jigs speaks Kim used to go to girls’ school so how come the food thing. Kim gets nervous and speaks of Tushar coming to her school as a girl by wearing frock.

Mandira gets upset and speaks of social standing and image being pivotal. Jigs supports Mandira and speaks that all it boils down to image. Kim then opens-up that their partners are not fit for them, and speaks to Tushar that he completes her, and hope she completes him too. Tushar gets much awe with Kim’s heartwarming love confession. He replies with much glee that she is right and indeed she completes him too. Jigs gets upset with Kim after she announces her break-up rightaway. Tushar asks him to respect Kim. Mandira leaves by announcing her break-up with Tushar and Jigs goes along with her. Tushar speaks of not believing in destiny before but now believes in it since he and Kim have met in a full bar and it was also possible for two broken hearts to come face-to-face. On that note, both become lovestruck with Tushar vowing to be on her side always.

Rithvik signs off by speaking how Tushar-Kim found a perfect fit and there believe in love steered them in their journey.

* We [TellyReviews] believe the actors specially the lead ones have given an amazing performance to an emotional and layered love story. Kudos to actors, YHA team and Bindass TV !!

Info on Cast:

* Tushar is portrayed by actor Fahad Ali
– Last worked in Sony TV’s Muh Boli Shaadi in the lead role of Nikhil.
– Fahad recently worked in Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Zing TV’s PTKK. Fahad’s Twitter page

* Kim is portrayed by actress Manasi Rachh
– Manasi recently worked in Zing TV’s PTKK Season 3, Episode 19 aired on 3rd April 2015.

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