Chakor determines to stop ‘organ theft racket’ in Udaan



Chakor is taken to the OT for removal of kidney. She is givemn anesthesia and faints. She takes Kasturi’s name in her semi conscious state and doctor tells Manohar that he can’t operate Chakor in such state, else she can die. Babu tells Manohar that if Chakor dies, the organs will be of no use to him. He explains Manohar to save his hatred for some time and he will surely kill Chakor after removing her kidney. Arjun is trying to find Chakor and fails. He later talks to Bhagya by Vivaan’s help. Arjun’s search for still continuing. Even Rocky is trying to find Chakor and his mother comes to know about it.

Madam ji is not shown till now and Babu tells that Madam ji is a smart woman and a life giver to many ailing patients by providing them organs, by getting the organs by poor and helpless kids. Madam ji has her good image infront of everyone, but is a clever woman. Rocky hates his mother for a particular reason and it seems she is linked to Madam ji. His mum longs for his love and Rocky stays rude towards her. Manohar takes Chakor’s pic at the operation table and leaves for Aazaadgunj. He reaches the haveli and shows the pic to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji is glad seeing it, and Vivaan gets to see it too. Manohar tells Bhaiya ji that Chakor is dead. Vivaan hears it and gets a big shock. He says Chakor can’t die and falls unconscious, stunning Manohar. Manohar cries for Vivaan’s state and hears of his hatred. Kasturi prays and is sure Lord will help Chakor. The secretive Madam ji calls Babu and stops Chakor’s operation. She asks him to get Chakor to her, and Babu waits for Chakor to get conscious. He gets relieved seeing Chakor getting conscious and sends her back to the kids.

Babu tells Chakor to stay with Madam ji, who will take care of her. Babu provides food to all the kids and they rejoice to eat good food after many days. Chakor talks to the moon and determines to free all the kids and expose the cruelty of evil people. The men take Chakor to Madam ji and there will be revelation about her secret identity. How will Rocky turn out to be Chakor’s savior? Suraj asks Bhaiya ji about bailing out Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji slaps him. He has his new plans ready in his mind. What will Bhaiya ji do now?

On other front, Actor & Star Nawazuddin Siddiqui will be special guest on the show during Indepedence day special episodes telecast: 14th and 15th August 2015, and Nawaz is promoting his upcoming movie Manjhi.

Nawazuddin in special episodes of Udaan

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