Gayatri faces initial bottleneck towards her dream to be ‘together forever’ with Rana ji

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Gayatri comes with her family at Rana Indravardhan Deo’s aka Ranaji’s palace and shows her qualities of innocence, bubbly nature and daydreaming. She dreams about being present with Ranaji alone and seems to be lost in herself. Rana ji meets the princess Sharmila who came to meet him, and he is yet to recover from the memories of first wife. Ranaji’s mum Rajmata and Sharmila have bit of egoistic tussle between them, and therefore Rajmata wouldn’t prefer alliance between Sharmila and Ranaji. Instead, Rajmata who ows loan amount to Gayatri’s dad Govind seth begins to find his weakness so as to control him, and also gets surprised to know that Gayatri haven’t married until now.

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Later on, Rana ji meets Sharmila there in Rajmata’s birthday party and sends the drink for her. The waiter being mistaken gives the drink to Gayatri and she drinks it though getting a bad taste, and still digesting it as its sent by Rana ji. Her bhabhis are happy seeing her getting dizzy. Rana ji is playing Piano for the princess, and isn’t aware about Gayatri seeing him with earnest eyes carrying dreams. Gayatri gets mesmerized seeing Rana ji and walks to him. She is mesmerized by Ranaji and has fallen in love with him. Later on, Gayatri bears the brunt of her family especially from her dad after he finds her in full drunk mode after their return from palace. Gayatri gets a tight slap from her dad, and she couldn’t figure out what’s her fault being in drunken state. Gayatri have neither able to convey her feelings to Ranaji nor talk to him whole-heartedly. Will Gayatri’s dream to be together with Ranaji gets shattered ?

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One response to “Gayatri faces initial bottleneck towards her dream to be ‘together forever’ with Rana ji”

  1. evelyn Avatar

    the begining is always full of uncertainties,,,,,,,,,nevertheless as the plot thickens it will unravel ..maximum moods and emotions…..and plain truths will surface,,,and Rana will eventually fall hopelessly in love with Gayatri …..the turning point to this love saga…………………Gayatri is already in love with him…………she will definitely win. the love of Rana

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