Rudra’s manipulations to break love stories in Tere Sheher Mein


tere sheher22

Gajanand has accepted Mathur family after Sneha broke out the truth to him. He has not turned dominating towards the girls, to stop them from doing any mistake like Sneha. He wants to be careful and protect the girls. Rachita does not take this positive and argues with him. Amaya fails to meet Mantu and is apologetic. Uma frames Amaya in bad light and asks Mantu to forget Amaya. Rudra understands Amaya’s inclination towards Mantu and also Rachita standing against Gajanand’s rules. He thinks to get these things used in his plan to break Mathurs from Chobey family. Rudra follows Rachita to her English class and finds Rama there. He gets to know about Rama’s love for Rachita and beats him up.

Rama gets hospitalized and his mum lands to Chobey house to confront Gajanand. She asks him to control Rachita and blames their wrong upbringing. Gajanand gets angry knowing another love story in making. Mantu gets to know about Rudra beating up Rama and confronts up. Rudra provokes Mantu by badmouthing about Amaya and Mantu loses his control. Mantu beats Rudra and Amaya witnesses this. She sees a bad side of Mantu and gets mistaken, as Rudra says a different story. Amaya and Mantu’s distance grows as things do not get cleared by their non talking terms. Rudra’s beaten up state brings in light about Mantu’s bad nature and Gajanand gets against both Mantu and Rama. Rachita gets eager to meet Rama and realizes some feelings for him. Will the girls get their love after all odds? Keep reading.

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