Sooraj spots Sandhya; Sandhya avoids him to secure Mission Mahabali

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Sandhya has reached Jaipur where Garjana is planning something big to create disturbance in the country’s peace and attack on police officers. The fate brings Sooraj and Sandhya together again. Sandhya does not get Sooraj and still feels his presence around. Sooraj gets lucky to see her. He can’t believe his eyes and is happy to see Sandhya. Sooraj and his family stay at the same lodge. Sandhya is also there along with the theatre group. Shekhar/Chandu is keeping an eye on Sagarika and she is extra alert.

Sandhya takes a bath and dries her hair. She stands near the window and Chandu stares at her, being mesmerized by her. Sooraj catch her glimpse and looks at her through the window. He recalls the old moments between them. He does not see her face and still identifies her. He calls out Sandhya. Sandhya hears Sooraj and gets restless. She does not turn to him seeing Chandu at the other side. She goes off from there. Sooraj tells Bhabho and everyone that he has seen Sandhya and he can’t be wrong this time. Bhabho and everyone does not believe Sooraj. Sooraj takes the family to the room where he has seen Sandhya. Bhabho knocks the door and they all find another girl in Bengali attire, instead Sandhya. Sandhya leaves from there to secure her mission, and avoids the family. She is helpless as she did not wish Chandu to know her real identity. Bhabho proceeds with Sooraj and Lalima’s marriage rituals. When will Sandhya mark her re-entry in Sooraj’s life? Keep reading.

15th August 2015: Independence day 1 hour special episode
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2 responses to “Sooraj spots Sandhya; Sandhya avoids him to secure Mission Mahabali”

  1. vaith Avatar

    Dear Director sir,
    Please stop this serial immediately. What type of mother baboo. Without informing his second marriage to sooraj. She is not fit to be a mother. This is totally misleading serial.

    First wife is alive. How she can arrange marriage for his son without informing about this. This is rediculous.

    Please stop this serial immediately.


  2. siny Avatar

    Plzzz dnt get suraj married to lalima. .. plzzz…v want sandhya back in surajs life

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