Laxmi’s comeback with new identity and motives in Dream Girl

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Laxmi is back to take revenge from Ayesha, by using her new identity of Naina, a writer. Though she is giving goose bumps to Ayesha by making her realize her presence everywhere, she is not letting Ayesha prove her existence. While Samar is pinning for Laxmi to be back, he does not know what his lady love is upto. Naina is a awesome writer whose script can do wonders for Ayesha’s film career, after she lost her reputation by her lockup stay. Ayesha is keen to get the script and showing how deserving she is for the role of Shakti. She wants the role in women oriented movie and Laxmi starts counting her lies and desperate attempts to get the script. Laxmi then shocks Ayesha by meeting her at Navrang.

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Abhimanyu is still after Ayesha and did not shut Laxmi’s case. He wants to figure out Ayesha’s involvement and tracking her all the while. While Ayesha refers to the writer as Laxmi, Atul tells her that she is the writer whom she was willing to meet. Ayesha gets stunned seeing Laxmi as Naina. She gets sure of Laxmi’s acting and her revenge motives. But Naina keeps her stand right and makes Ayesha believe her new identity. How will Laxmi affect Ayesha and Samar by her new identity? Keep reading.






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  1. DG Avatar

    Go Nainaaa
    Take revenge from Ayesha ?

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