Rani Durgawati to mark her entry; Pratap puts impetus on her valiant capabilities…

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Pratap prepares for a competitive event with the purpose to reunite the Rajputanas and instill the friendship once again. Pratap, Udai Singh and family live in a new city Udaipur after the Chittorgarh fort battle. Jaivant Bai takes care of Ajabde, Veer Bai and provides good support, and Udai Singh is ill and confined to one place. Pratap thinks of Rani Durgawati to be the able warrior as the one who takes part in the event on his city’s behalf and rules out his son Amar Singh. It turns out that Jagmal is also interested to take part in the event and carries aspirations to be the next king after Udai Singh and gets covert support from his uncle Raimal. Raimal tries to instill wrongdoing in Jagmal’s mind and wants him to get astray and not listen to his mom Dheer Bhai.

Rani Durgawati will be going to be an asset for Pratap and his army since she is going to play a major part in renewing fights against Akbar. Pratap faces another challenge with Amer’s king Bhagwan Das coming to take part in the event. Akbar’s wife is Bhagwan Das’s sister and this throws a challenge for Pratap. Keep reading.

* Actress Vindhya Tiwary is set to portray Rani Bhagwati. She also works in Star Plus’s Badtameez Dil in the role of Sasha. Vindhya’s Twitter page


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