Simar v/s Mohini; Battle between good and evil continues in Sasural Simar Ka



Mohini’s truth has come out infront of the family. She has turned dangerous and shows the pots to them. She threatens them that she will kill their family members and her one step to break the pot will make that person lose life. The family gets stunned. Mohini says Siddhant and Roli will lose lives when she breaks pots here. Mata ji asks her not to do this. Amar says he can’t overpower Mohini as she is a Dayan/witch. Mohini says Siddhant and Roli’s souls are locked in this pots. Mohini asks Mata ji to send the family out.

She sends the family out and catches Mata ji, Anjali and Sanjana. Mohini smiles seeing the little girls. Mata ji is worried and is in dilemma. The family cries as Siddhant and Roli are caught by the witch’s evil powers. Siddhant and Roli were the powerful members in the family. Mata ji wishes that Simar comes back and ends Mohini’s black magic. Mata ji hopes that only Simar can save the family now. Mohini doubts on the woman with her Ghunghat on her face and stop the maid. She suspects its Simar and asks her to show her face. Amar saves Simar and Mohini sees some other woman. She gets relieved and tells the maid that she will sacrifice Sanjana. Simar hears it and gets shocked. What will Simar do now? Keep reading.


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