Sisters’ tale and rivalry to repeat history in Saathiya…



Shravan and Vidya share a romantic date. Meera spoils their date by faking a wound. She takes Vidya for her aid and can’t see Vidya along Shravan. Meera is confused and feeling she has lost to Vidya. Meera and Vidya are going Rashi and Gopi’s way. Meera is suspicious that family is not safe for Vidya and says she is doing this for Vidya. Vidya wants to clear this misunderstanding before marriage and goes to Shravan. She clears the matter with Shravan. He holds her hand and says he will marry just her. He says he will not keep friendship with any girl. Vidya gets happy. He convinces her for marriage. Vidya gets sure about him and tells Gopi that she got her soulmate in Shravan.

Amar Upadhyay has entered in the show and will be playing the role of Gaura’s son Dharam. He does aarti of Lord Shiv and does the puja. His entry will be showing his revenge motives. His look is different and his character is short tempered. He does everything by planning and is a sharp man. Dharam will be entering Modi Bhavan soon. He will be bringing a twist in Modi Family. Gaura and her grandson are already part of Modi Family now. Urmila will be coming to stay in Modi Family and have counter arguments with Gaura. Kinjal, Dhawal and their son will be going to London. Meera will be marrying the Gaura’s son, while Vidya will be marrying Gaura’s grandson. With such unexpected twists, Saathiya is going strong. Keep reading.


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