Women empowerment and social welfare to highlight in Yeh Rishta…


yeh rishta5

Akshara is doing great work for the Mahili Samithi. She has become a representative for the committee and working for the helpless women. She explains them about Independence day and gives a wonderful speech about their freedom. She impresses everyone and gives them gifts. Rukmani plans to fail Akshara’s efforts feeling risk for her post, but Mishti tells Rukmani’s plans to Akshara. Rukmani fails and spoils relations again. Akshara manages well and does not let the matter affect Nandini. Singhania family organizes lunch for the women and also give the earnings they received by selling their art pieces in the exhibition. Akshara encourages the women and boasts their confidence to live their life with self esteem.

Akshara’s daughter Naira participates in Independence day celebration. Akshara has step out of home to help the poor women and is giving speech on the occasion of Independence day celebrations. She is oblivious to the fact that someone is conspiracy against her. She brought food from her hotel Krishna, but Rukmani has thrown the food. Akshara solves the matter in time and makes everyone proud of her once again. Naira, Gayu and Mishti perform in the independence day function. The show is bringing good social causes in light. Keep reading.


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