Contradictions to begin post Riya’s entry in Mere Angne Mein



Riya gets to know Shanti and Sarla’s anger raise on Kaushalya for no reason. She finds them taunting Kaushalya unnecessarily and takes a stand for it. Sarla gets angry on Riya for marrying Shivam and shows her true nature to her, as being sweet to Riya is no longer fruitful for her. She taunts Riya and says Anupam has given her 1 rupee in the shagun envelop. Bindu complains about that envelop as Sarla has given it to her. Sarla turns the tables round and puts all the blame on Riya’s family. She says everything was decided and that’s why Anupam and Lali Bua did not respect them. Sarla and Pari hide the money envelops and show fake ones.

Riya tells Shanti that her dad can never do such thing, as he has spent plentiful heartily on her marriage. She defends her dad and Dadi Bua and this irks Shanti. Nimmi gets glad and tells Preeti that Riya has come to support them against Shanti. Shanti gets angry and Riya argues with her to save her dad’s respect and also stops Shanti from humiliating Kaushalya. The family gets stunned seeing Riya’s boldness on her first day in Shanti Sadan. Shanti tells Riya that this is her home and asks her to mend her ways. Riya inturn tells Shanti that this is her home too and they have to stay together with mutual respect and love. What will Shanti do now? Keep reading.

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