Leap brings an evil revenge story yet again in Qubool Hai

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Mahira sits in the garden to see the sky and stars by the telescope. Mahira gets surrounded by problems. Azaad saves Mahira from getting shock by the open electricity wire. He has super natural powers and gets to Mahira in time. He holds her hand and pulls her back. Azaad will save Mahira’s life from electricity wife and then become her love. Azaad has evil powers in him. Fake Sanam is hunting for the one who has 8 written on hand. Fake Sanam says she is burning since 25 years, her powers are at stake and her son is helpless, just that sign person can save her. Azaad is the witch’s son who wants to get Mahira as she is special. Mahira is shown when she describes that person.

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Azaad is the vampire who turns to be Mahira’s savior. Mahira’s step sisters are her enemies, who makes hot tea fall on her hand. Mahira sees her step sisters running to see the guy. Mahira gets to see Amaan. Amaan’s entry makes all the ladies of the house dance. Amaan and Azaad are brothers and they are always fighting. They have hatred between them, but when any one of them falls in problem, they get united. They will have love triangle between them. Azaad and Amaan will fight for Mahira. Keep reading.

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